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Malawi Furniture - 100% Authentic Weaved Chairs Direct From Malawi

Hydrolux Exterior Sealant for Malawi Furniture

Hydrolux Exterior Sealant for Malawi Furniture

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Each Malawi piece is 100% fumigated over a temperature controlled, 48 hour period both before leaving Malawi and when arriving in Cape Town, South Africa. This process eradicates and prevents all wood destroying insects in the furniture, before entering your home.

EXTERIOR SEALANT: Hydrolux Clear Ultra Matt  - Water based paint varnish for rattan and can funiture

Caring for your Malawi Cane


Keep cane out of direct sunlight and heat in order to prevent it from getting brittle over time. Sealing the cane using a high-oil content furniture polish keeps the cane supple. Lemon oil or mineral oil (used sparingly) applied to the cane furniture once a year is sufficient to keep it maintained.


We highly recommend sealing your cane with our UV resistant and water-resistant sealant in order to prolong the life of your furniture.

Rain & Damp

Keep your cane covered and out of rainy, humid conditions. Keeping cane in these damp conditions may result in the cane becoming dark, dull and sometimes mouldy. If your cane develops dark mouldy spots, simply use soapy water and a scrubbing brush to remove.

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