Care Instructions

Caring For Your Malawi Cane

1.         Keep the furniture out of direct sunlight and heated areas as this could cause the cane to become brittle.

2.         Keep the furniture in areas with medium humidity, to prevent the furniture from becoming dry, a room humidify is recommended for this, especially in cold temperatures, to keep the air moist.   

Cathryn Peters suggests: "Using a high-oil content furniture polish product when you dust helps to keep the cane supple, too. Lemon oil, orange oil, or mineral oil (use sparingly) applied to both the top and bottom of the cane seat a few times a year is usually sufficient."

3.          Distribute weight evenly as the design of the furniture accommodates a person’s weight distributed evenly in a sitting position, and is not suitable for concentrated weight. Please be advised to NEVER kneel or stand on cane furniture as this causes the woven cane to break.

4.           To prolong the life of your cane chair, we recommend the use of a cushion. The cushion act to distribute your weight more evenly, thereby saving the individual strand from having to carry the weight, thus resulting in the chair having a longer life.